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Hair Salon


Foil Highlights / Balayage

* Cost of cut and/or blowave must be added. Additions may apply according to hair texture, thickness and length.


Full Head Classic

Short $200

Medium $210

Long $220

Full Head Mirco Highlights

Short $230

Medium $240

Long $250

Scattered Full Head Highlights

Short $190

Medium $200

Long $210

1/2 Head Highlights

Short $175

Medium $185

Long $195

1/4 Head - T Section $140

  • Highlight Prices are based on single colour, a single standard toner and in salon ‘Plex’ conditioning


Root Shadow $45

Extra Colour in Highlight $32


Permanent Colours

New Colour/Regrowth and ends

Short $145

Medium $165

Long $180


Regrowth Only

Short $110

Medium $127

Long $140

Bleach Retouch with single toner

Short $160

Medium $170

Long $185

Bleach Retouch Virgin Application with Single Toner

Short $180

Medium $195

Long $210

 Colour Glossing

Short $60

Medium $70

Long $80

Creative Glossing $100


Cut & Style 

* INCLUDES CONSULTATION, SHAMPOO, MASSAGE, CONDITION AND BLOW-DRY Cut & finish prices are based on ‘standard service’. Additions may apply according to hair texture, thickness and length.


Dry Cut $100

For those who want minimal effort and maximum impact. Freehand cutting techniques used to cut hair in its most natural state.


Traditional Cut $120

For those who are wanting a more traditional approach to cutting. This service includes wash and blow-dry.


Curly Haircut 1.5 hrs $150

For those who want both dry cutting techniques used as well as traditional techniques. This service is great for those new to curly cuts, curly methods or for those that haven’t quite nailed their perfect routine. This service includes a complimentary hydration treatment.


Clipper Cut  $70

For those men that are interested in a more traditional haircut (Short Sides Back) This includes wash and blow-dry.


Kids Cut Under 14 $45


Wash Blowdry/Style $80


Bridal/Event Hair - Price on Consultation


Reconditioning Treatment

Prescribed Conditioning Treatment from $25-$60

Plex Rebonding Treatment (stand alone) $60

K18 Treatment Stand Alone $50

* Our pricing is a reflection of our commitment to continual training, education and experience. All prices include GST. All prices are subject to variation without notice

Please see the cancellation policy before booking. In booking an appointment you have agreed to these terms.

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