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Bridal Hair

Hair Advice 

Wash Routines 

Wash hair the night before with 3 really clarifying shampoos

Apply a small amount of conditioner to the mids and ends only 

Rinse thoroughly

Hair Product Choices 

It is recommended that professional products be used in preparation for the day, this is to reduce the amount of silicone buildup in the hair which can inhibit the hair from styling correctly and the longevity of it lasting. 



If you usually dry your hair with a blowdryer you are more than welcome to do that. I recommend you dry the root area upside down to encourage volume and body from the scalp.

Please don't use any hot tools on your hair 

If you have curly hair and wish to have your hair left naturally to style please prep your hair so that your best curl day of your wash cycle is the day of the event. You may prep your hair with your usual curly hair routine. If you wish to have your hair smoothed out for the event this either needs to be prepped the morning of using a blowdryer only or extra time allocated for a blow-dry service arranged prior to the event day.


Cut and Colour 

I always recommend getting a professional stylist to look after your hair in the lead up to your big day. This allows us to cut, colour and treat your hair so that it can be its absolute best on your big day. This is a service that I offer to my bridal clients and recommend starting at least 3 months prior to your wedding day, with your last appointment approximately 2 weeks before the wedding. Alternatively an intensive 3 month hair plan before your wedding can also  be arranged directly. This includes shampoos, conditioner, treatments, styling products and an easy to follow routine that doesn't impact your lifestyle. 

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be used in your hair on your big day. These are prepaid in advance at the time of your trial. They are a great addition to your hair, they can be tailored to your hair needs (ie. for thickness only, or for thickness and length. These can be tailored to your colour and are a bespoke addition to help you achieve your desire style and result.

Bridal Hair Accessories 

Bridal Hair accessories should be brought to your trial. This allows the stylist to adjust and tailor the style to accomodate the accessories and or veil that you'll be using on the day. It's great when purchasing a veil to get the bridal shop to take any combs off the veil and place two loops on either end. This makes your veil more versatile and easier to incorporate and secure into your style. 

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