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Hair Salon


When booking an appointment with Megan Matijasevic Hair you are agreeing to the following:

- Colour services MUST be booked with a finishing service being a haircut (haircuts may be booked first for curly's) or a blow-dry/curly dry (If no cut is being booked a 'drying' service MUST be booked as a replacement. This allows plenty of time to be allocated to ensure one on one service).

-If you are finding it hard to book an appointment online please reach out via text or email.

-Be aware of the cancellation / late policy and understand that appointments may not go ahead or they will need to be rescheduled depending on time allocation. This ensures that no other clients experience is disrupted. 

- It may take more than one session to achieve your desired result. If this is the case rebooking an appointment within 6-8 weeks is recommended.

- Appointments are one on one, Please be mindful of the time and care that we endeavour to put into each and every one of you. 

- Retail products are available to be added to your home care routine, this ensures that time and money spent at your appointment are being aided by products at home. These can be arranged for your prior to your appointment and available on the appointment date. 

- Curly guys and girls please prep your hair as follows:

DONT arrive with a ponytail, bun, twist out, roller-set, perm-rod set, curl-former, etc. or any style that stretches or changes your hair's natural curl pattern.

DONT brush, pick or comb your hair out the day of your service.

DONT style your hair with products that are excessively sticky or greasy/oily. For example, shea butter or coconut oil. Also any products with heavy perfume or fragrance.

DO cleanse, condition and style your hair curly (with product) the day of your appointment.

DO have your hair thoroughly dry.

DO come with an open mind ready to accept and love your hair in all its natural glory!

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